Migration to V2 problems.

Hi, I would like to use my modules on V2, but I have the following issues:

  1. Though I started a new v2 branch on my AlgoritmArte github repository (GitHub - algoritmarte/AlgoritmarteVCVPlugin at v2) , tested the modules (they worked fine on the beta of the studio version) and re-opened the corresponding issue on VCV Rack library, my modules are not yet available on V2. I emailed the support and didn’t receive any reply. I actually don’t know if they are in the approval queue? If I must do something different with the github branch? If they have a compatibility issue ?

  2. *I just downloaded the latest SDK2 (Rack-SDK-2.git.588342d7-win), recompiled the source code of my plugin; and copied it in the Rack2\plugins\AlgoritmArte folder (as usual). When I select my “brand” in VCV V2 Free the program crashes after showing the preview of first module (see the log trace below). ==> SOLVED (lesson learned: double check that the SDK version is the latest one)

Any idea / suggestion ?

Thank you in advance.

The latest SDK here : listing directory /downloads Is 2.0.2. Unfortunately they’re not listed in date order.

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I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong but they build from your github and install and work in VCV 2.0.2 here.

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make clean often helps.

Thanks I was using the wrong SDK2! (not the latest because I thought the files in the download were in date order). Point 2 solved!

Any idea about the Point 1?

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@cschol Sorry to bother you but algoritmarte feels like he’s requested a build but can’t see if one has been attempted or how to go forward.

@algoritmarte Your issue was not reopened, but just commented on and it got lost in the Github notification shuffle. Sorry about that.

The plugin has now been integrated and will be made available for all platforms with the next Plugin Manager update.


Love your work @cschol . Top class.

Great work! Thank you!!!