Midi mapping reset? I occasionally lose the mapping - is there a quick reset o?

I’ve been having a fair bit of success using the Novation Launch Control XL along side of the AKAI MIDIMIX as controllers within VCV Rack, but on occasion I lose the connection even though everything seems to be there still (the mapping). I have the Launch Control in a User mode that I have custom mapped for it, and the MIDIMIX just seems to work nice. I’ve been setting up consistently between patches so that the Launch Control will operate the MIXMASTER Jr and the MIDIMIX runs parameters on various modules. Today I’ve spent a lot of time with this particular patch up and running fine but have switched between a few others while doing an OC tutorial and now I’ve opened it up again and for whatever reason the MIDIMIX works fine still but not the Launch Control. Closing it and re-opening does not help. Is there a way to reset the connection or do I have to delete the mapping and redo it?