MIDI Map not working in 2.0


I just installed 2.0 and it seems that the MIDI map functionality is not working. I can still do “Learn”, but the controls don’t errrr, control.

What I’ve done so far?

  1. I used a 1.6 patch that was working (and checked if it still was :slight_smile: )
  2. I created a new “patch” with a single control in both 1.6 and 2.0. This was just to be sure that I still knew how it works. IN 1.6, no problem. In 2.0, no go. When you assign a physical control to a logical control, the name of the control is listed, as expected, in the MIDI map, but sliders don;t move and knobs don’t turn.
  3. I checked if my MIDI keyboard (Samson Graphite 49) is still working as a keyboard. It is. Both with 1.6 and 2.0, I can still play notes

Anyone? If it works with Pro, that might be the last push for me to buy, but still, it should work in the free version.

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Known bug.

Good to know and very nice you responded so quickly.

But for the future: Is there a list of know bugs? I did check this forum before I posted.


I don’t think there’s a public list of known bugs, anyone?

If you can build from source, Stoermelder midi-cat works fine, but use this fork for now:

This has been fixed in Rack v2.0.3

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Yes, I know. I was notified because I sent an e-mail to support. I wished Microsoft support was just as responsive :slight_smile: .

Could you edit the title of this thread, and add: [solved]
Or mark the post of Lars as: answer :wink:

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