MIDI map module on V2 doesn't work

Good evening !

I’ve spent one hour to try to make MIDI map fundamental module work with no success on V2. Works fine in V, but in V2 I can assign a midi controler on a module parameter, I have the little yellow square but if I turn the knob of the controller the module parameter doesn’t respond. All works fine on V1.

It’s never worked in v2.

If you can build from source this Stoermelder fork works in v2, use midi-cat instead.

Does that mean I’ll have build Rack and then the plugins you told me about ?

No you don’t need to build Rack first, you can use the Rack SDK to build plugins

Yes I saw that, I built it. And it works ! Thanks. There is something I don’t understand on this MIDI-CAT : what is the second MIDI “choice” made for ? It seems to feedback to another midi port ? Because if I choose the same port the midi infos seem to loop on the same controller (a BCR2000 in my case). Is is designed to follow the MIDI controller data to another device ?

Midi-Cat can both send and receive midi data. Say you have a midi controller like Midi Fighter Twister that has a ring of LEDs around the knobs. Then when you turn the knob on the controller, the knob in Rack turns too - but also if you turn the knob in Rack, then the position feeds back to the LEDs on the controller.

So the 2 midi choices are one for receive device and the other for send (feedback). If your controller does not support midi feedback then you don’t need to worry about the 2nd one I think.

Ok thanks. I’ve trying this module and it seems to crash VCV Rack 2 (I’m on Linux). I assigned the BCR2000 knobs to seq3 steps dials and after a few movements on the konbs the rack shuts down automatically. I went back to VCV Rack 1 with the Fundamental MIDI-MAP and no crash. It seems to happen if I move two or more controller dials in the same time. And if I reinitialize this module VCV R2 crashes (shutdown) also.

Yeah, same here on my Mac. But someone has sent off a support request so I’m sure Andrew is aware of it, and it’s just a matter of waiting for a fix to arrive.


and 2.0.3 is out with that fix