MIDI keyboard to Rack

I got a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 for Christmas and I’ve had fun playing with it but hadn’t really tried to do much during the holiday rush. Now that I have time to really dig in and enjoy using it, I’ve found a lag in responsiveness when I hit keys or push a button when I try to use it with Rack. I’m using the MIDI-4 to send cv and gate signals to modules. The responsiveness just seems to be off and I’ve not found anything in the documentation that would suggest a different way to connect the keyboard to Rack. Is there a better/different way to connect the keyboard so that I can play a scale and hear the notes in a reasonable time? Even leaving the gate off and just sending cv seems to be hit or miss if a note will play when I hit a key.

nice keyboard. I’ve not had any trouble at all with lag on the midi instruments - are you sure it’s there where the lag is?

One trick is to connect the midi-1 gate output to a vu meter (maybe the AS mono vu meter) so you can see visually when you strike a key.

The most obvious candidate is your audio buffer, how large is that? If you’re running at 4096 or 2048 you might well notice as definite lag.

The other obvious place is if you’ve got any CV button inputs going through midi-cv. You’ll need to route button presses through ml-triggers to convert the gate to a trigger, although it doesn’t look like that controller has much in the way of cv buttons.

Like Jim is hinting at below - on the Audio module, the lower the buffer number the lower the lag is, but at a price of higher CPU consumption. Try and set it progressively lower until your lag is gone…