MIDI-GATE/CV but only using note-on to generate triggers

Could this be it, use the start out ?

EDIT : Scrap that you already dismissed it, sorry.

Just because I’m curious: Can you post a Midi trace with timestamps to confirm your drawing?

Sure! Learned a few things too.

OK, so my SPD-SX has a few midi modes; pasting from their docs:

I’ve currently got the SPD-SX controller set to option 3, sending 0.1s (100ms) gates (I realize now that in this thread I kept referring to “10ms” note-on/note-off gates, but I meant to say 100ms).

With this setting, if I play quarter notes at 120 bpm, the midi log looks like this:

Two things about this:

  1. It’s apparently sending note-on with velocity 0 rather than note-off; I don’t know enough about the midi standard to know whether these are equivalent.
  2. That said, it does confirm that the “off” message is in fact 100ms after the “on”.

If I leave the SPD-SX in this mode, but start playing really fast, it looks like this:

If I change the SPD-SX to be in mode 1, where “A note-off will be transmitted immediately after a note-on is transmitted.”, it looks like:

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 5.48.09 PM

In mode 1, the “note offs” ("on"s w vel=0) occur so immediately that MIDI-GATE doesn’t even generate a gate, even when playing slowly.

Note that if I play from my normal keyboard, the midi logger does report actual “note off” events.

I’m pretty sure that MIDI-GATE behaves as you want using „mode 1“, it’s generating 1ms long pulses if an off-event follows immediately after an on-event. These might not be visible on the scope at most settings.

I’ll bet they are visible on one of the submarine scopes.

And the easiest way to check that is to use a ML Trigger Delay. Set the delay to zero and increase the gate-length. If you see something on the scope, everything is fine.

Holy crap, you got it. If I use mode 1 and MIDI-GATE, it all works; I can play drum rolls and all of the note-ons are properly converted.

Note that when using mode 1, MIDI-CV only picks up like 15% of the notes/gates.

Thanks for the help everyone :sweat_smile:

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Any idea what the equivalent settings are for v2? ie, what’s “mode 1” now?