MIDI-CV gate hangs

Almost all my Rack ensembles are driven by MIDI sequencers, using the module MIDI-CV as an interface between the MIDI Sequencer and Rack.

It happens that this module occasionally stays with the Gate always on, and I must right-click to enter the context menu, and select Panic for the module to reset.

It doesn’t seem to be on the sequencer side, because if I open a midi monitor or open ableton live everything is working normally.

Is this a known issue? Does it happen with anyone else?

I happened a few times to me in Reaper and FL studio with some 3rd party Vst, but never in Rack so far

Are you on Windows ?

I have both Windows and Mac and it happens on both… let me see if I can record a video while this happens

Ok finally I was able to understand what is causing this, and I can replicate it.

The situation is when a MIDI-CV module is duplicated, then I change the MIDI channel, and sometimes it occurs that the Gate stays always on.

You can see in the video that I had to try a couple of times for this to happen. Now that I know what causes this it doesn’t annoy me anymore :slight_smile:


Right click on MIDI-CV’s panel and choose Panic.

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Yes I am doing that already, thanks Andrew!