Midi controller question

hey guys. so im essentially brand new to the world of synthesis and while exploring Rack, ive figured out a few things, but im having trouble with really controlling the sound. i probably have it set up in a very jenky way and im guessing thats why but if anybody could help me out/ show me a better way id really appreciate it.

mainly having trouble with the ADSR module.

the patch i set up so i could control the synth with my midi so i have the MIDI-1 module with the CV going into the VCO-1 v/oct, and the gate going into the CV of the VCA so i can control the pitch and its not constantly ringing. works just fine, but not perfect.

but when i try to incorporate the ADSR in any place i can think of, the tone gets REALLY quiet and i the knobs arent really effecting much, until i get to the very left and right, then the wave form just goes absolutely crazy.

anybody got a better way to set up a midi controller/ know whats going on with the ADSR? i have a feeling the patch set up is the problem but idk.

Gate start ADSR cycle and control VCA CV

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thank you so much!!

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