Midi controlled cables

Ok, here is my crazy idea: i want to make midi controlled cables… so, by that i want to make a plugin, that if it receives midi cc 14 (usually undefined) with a value of 100 for example, and another midi cc 15 with a value of 101, it will connect a cable between 2 modules… I will assign value 100 and 101 to a specific module and a specific input or output of it, so, the module that send the midi cc 14 will be connected with the midi 15.

Finally i want a midi controlled cable, going from the “hole” assigned with value 100 to the hole assigned with the value 101… So, when i send the midi cc 14 value 100 and midi cc 15 value 101, i will see a cable that connecting these two modules.

I have programmatic background but i’ve never touched vcv rack development…so, any direction to my idea will be very helpful

See this discussion:

how do you do the mod matrix with launchepad? can you give a sort explanation?

the programmatically idea of adding wires is something like this:

if((midiCc == 14 && midiCcValue == x) && (midiCc == 15 && midiCcValue == y)){ connect in the VCV rack GUI the hole x with hole y //every hole is mapped with a specific value }

There is no need for doing this programmatically. Add something like Bogaudio 8Mute, wire up the connections and map the buttons with VCV MIDI-Map to your controller.

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ok…its a nice idea that can work…but you have to PRE wire up all the possible connections… if i have a module with 8 outputs, and another with 8 inputs, i will have to make 64 possible connections!

In this case use a matrix mixer and 16 connections. Some possible modules are mentioned the thread I linked before :grinning:

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haha…i bypassed your link thinking it was my own topic…lol

ill read it…

so…becaseu im new to eurorack…a matrix mixer like this https://aisynthesis.com/product/ai008-eurorack-matrix-mixer/ works like this: you put your inputs and your outputs, then you press a button, or in this case turn a knob so, you make a connection between one input and one output… so you have all possible combinations…correct?

possible this gives you some more ideas:

with 8! there are 40320 possible connections not 64

Ehm, no, 8! is the number of permutations. If you have 8 inputs and 8 outputs:

  • 1st input to 8 different outputs
  • 2nd input to 8 different outputs

So, 64, as the sorting does not matter.

does this mean you have only one connection active?

You can have as many connections active as you want but every input can be active on 8 outputs at most.

ok…i think i have the whole working idea… i need:

  1. patch matrix 10x10 module and every combination set to “ON” state…

then connect every input and every output there

  1. use Fundamental Mutes and Control with CC the on or off state of every input…

so if i send Midi cc X with value 127 (max) and Midi cc Y with value 127 (max), i will enable the X and Y Mute buttons(i hope they are midi assignable), and because all Matrix is enabled, i will have a mapping…

  1. done

Maybe if this helps, i have a couple of requests opened to several developers. For a module or feature that mimics the Hinton Switchmix module, which is 8x8 matrix precision adder. My first request was to Bogaudio , it can be read here:

My 2nd request was to Andrew for maybe a feature update or succesor to the 1:8 Octal Router. He replied that maybe he might think of an update that allows for “pin matrix mode”. But i am sure he is swamped with other development stuff right now.

My 3rd request was to Marc/Impormptu Modular , same request as Bogaudio. Currently Marc is running other projects, so maybe after that he could start on it.

For now the only module i found that can function as 8x8 matrix board, with precision adder functionality is: Mental Patchmatrix. But that one looks terrible, and when zoomed out the buttons are way too small.

Anyway if anyone is interested in such a module, they could go and support the request?


I might be interested but to be honest I don’t know what „precision adder“ means exactly, so I have to study that manual…

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Hi Ben, i think it means that the value’s combined must be precise, whether positive or negative and the combination thereof.


not sure though, if that is the exact meaning of it.

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precision adder that precisely adds together the pitch voltages without introducing an error

I think it’s an analogue thing :thinking:


Ok, this looks quite straightforward in digital software world of Rack…


Ok, i worked 1-2 hours yesterday and i really made it work! here is what i used:

  1. father & son 10x10 matrix…its the best i found because it has many (10x10 = 100 combinations) PLUS every combination is midi controlled…although i didnt use this feature…

Then I had to enable all possible matrix dots

  1. 2x 8MUTE from BOGAUDIO that will be muted by default…than every mute button can be midi mapped with:

  2. Fundamental MIDI-MAP

I had some problems with the midi cc that could toggle bogaudio mute…but finally i fixed it.

So, when i send two specific midi messages i unmute two specific channels, so eventually these two channels get “connected”…Thats it… There are many more steps to work as im thinking…but this was the only i was worried about.

Thank you guys for your eye-opening answers :slight_smile:


So if any one needs a cool matrix module to use for the issues described above and much more, there is now a new module in the Stoermelder plugin: Stoermelder Pack-One. This module will be available in the next plugin release, but can also be downloaded from the github nightly’s @ Stoermelder’s github:

The module is called Intermix and looks like:

Can be used like:

Thanks again Ben @stoermelder for creating this module in such short notice/time!

Awesomeness! :vulcan_salute:t4::pray:t4: