Midi Clocking Crashes VCV Rack 2 Pro

Hey everyone, I have this issue where if I boot VCV Pro 2 as a VST in BitWig and generate a free flowing clock within that patch, everything is great! The second I feed any clock from the Midi to CV module of the foundation pack in to CLOCKED or CLKD, the VST will crash a few minutes to seconds after.

Anybody seen this issue and can think of ways to correct it?

Sounds like a bug… but it’s working for me, so we must be doing something differently. Here’s my minimal setup:

(CLKD is in P24 mode.)

Could you post:

  • which operating you’re running on
  • which versions of Bitwig and Rack you’re using
  • ideally your Bitwig project file, or a screenshot of your patch within Bitwig?


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I’m having a similar problem, expect it’s just whenever I try to use CLKD. Don’t even have to plug the Midi into it, VCV just crashes shortly after loading the module.