Merging 2 Different Patches?

Is it possible in anyway to take 2 patches and turn them into one? Even if some settings or specific things were lost, it would still be really helpful to do this, as it would speed up the process of rebuilding an entire patch on another existing one.

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I guess you could use @stoermelder 's strip module to do so :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Somebody built a tool that I believe does this. I haven’t tried it myself.


Thank you, that seems perfect for what i want!

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You may want to be remove the Audio module from one of the patches before loading it in CONCAT. I think I read that there could be crashes if using CONCAT to create a patch with two audio modules.

If anything, try it as-is, and if it works great. If you get crashes, try to remove the audio module from one patch first then try again.

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I tried it, but it doesn’t work really good, it still needs some improvement

I invited the author of the tool to join the community but, as far as I have seen, he didn’t answered the call… :no_mouth: That’s odd because it is legit to think that he could be a VCV user.

Oh well… As long as the tool merge two patches…

BTW. I THINK (but not being a programmer I am not sure at all) that the source code is available and free.