Mental modules and Rack v2

Does anyone have information about the “Mental” modules and Rack v2? I find the modules sometimes very useful and it would be a pity (at least for me) if they were not in v2.

Are you referring to the “Strum’s VCV Modules”? The last update on the github site was two years ago. That’s all I know about this.

Yes, I mean Strum’s VCV Modules.

did you try to contact the dev via github/e-mail …?

I wrote to him today at noon but have not yet received a reply. Maybe he still answers.

I know Strum and I will let him know about this thread. The rest is up to him.

I sure would like to have the Mental modules updated to V2.

Thanks for the interest, sorry I’ve been out of the VCV scene for a while having been busy with other things, I’m surprised people are still using the modules.

I’ll have a look and see what needs to be done and try and get the upgrade done in the next few weeks.


Welcome back Strum/axelmann/Mental :smiley: and happy to read they will get updated :+1:

Is Strum the original creator? I thought these were adopted by someone and ported to v1 by someone other than the original developer.

You might be thinking of me, when I started a port from v0.6 to v1 and then stopped when @axelmann stepped back in…

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Thank you very much for your feedback. That is good to hear.

Hi, Done an update for version one, once that’s gone through I’ll do the v2 update which is only one trivial change.




Hello @axelmann, were you able to deal with the upgrade in the meantime? The absence of your modules is one of the reasons why I do not use V2 yet. It would be really great if that would work.

To get them into the VCV library you must either get permission from the author, or modify them enough that the don’t have the same UI and branding.

If you want to port them to v2 and distribute them yourself, then you just need to follow the original license. Many are GPLv3, and clause 5a seems to say you can not redistribute a modified version without making it clear that it is modified.

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For anyone who misses the Quad LFO there’s another Batumi clone in v2 called Grendel


Hi people,

  Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this. 

The first submission was rejected, I made a bunch of changes that Andrew had requested and then decided he didn’t want because it would break patches, kinda dampened my enthusiasm a bit, sorry.

So i reverted to the old code and made the few minor changes needed for version 2, just submitted it then, hopefully it should be up in a day or 2. If you want it now you can download it from the repo and compile it yourself , it’s on the 200_update branch.

Working on adding the tool tips for the next update which should be done in the next week or two.

Sorry again for the delays, thanks everyone for your interest and patience.



Thanks for your efforts, that’s great, I don’t want to compile it myself and wait until it is in the library, and many thanks again.

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Sorry for the further delay, there was a problem with it running as VST, something I hadn’t tested.

Fixed it and notified module list maintainer so should be up in a couple of days.