Melodic Hardware Techno sequenced by VCV

Hey guys,

this track is a little bit a cheater because all sequencing and drums are VCV but the rest is hardware. It’s hybrid so to speak.

Played more or less “live” and multitracked and edited a bit + added FX in Ableton.

Sequencers used:
VCV Pulse Matrix 16
Geodesics Entropia
Turing Machine

Hardware used:

  • Intellijel Rubicon 2 into Frequency Central System X Filter triggered by Frequency Central CEMVelope
  • Instruo Cs-L into Instruo I-o47 triggered by Instruo Ceis
  • Frequency Central DUAL XVCA as VCA for Rubicon/Cs-L
  • GRP A2 doing most of the melodic stuff
  • WMD Ultrafold massaging the kick
  • XAOC Kamieniec doing something I forgot
  • Ornament & Crime’s “Piqued” (envelopes)
  • MFB Dominion 1’s LFOs and Ribbons
  • ES-8/ES-3 as interface between VCV and hardware land
  • Korg nanoKontrol for controlling VCV stuff



Two in a row! I like both #6 and #7!

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Woohoo, I am happy that you like both!
Thanks for listening mate.