Me and vcv - Denis Tercier

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Hi everyone!
This is the thread about my music using exclusively vcv rack. No other DAW, no postprod, no other vst’s, just vcv. I hope you’ll enjoy. I hope it could be inspiring.
Full playlist on youtube:

(Denis Tercier) #2

Hi rackers,
This one is called “Mad Circu[IT]s”
This is about meeting with Foundry (Impromptu modular) and “entropia” (geodesic).
So I want to express my gratitude to @marc_boule and @pyer for their creativity and for giving us so clever tools in vcv. Thanks again @Omri_Cohen, you’re a so great teacher for us all.

The patch is here:


Thank you denis for making great music with these tools :smiley:
@Omri_Cohen usually the kids are happy when the teacher is sick, but here we can’t wait to get back in class!

(Omri Cohen) #4

I still cannot really listen to music, but it’s on my “watch later” list, and I will give it a listen as soon as I can :slight_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #5

Man, it’s really hard being away… I do feel a bit better, but not quite there yet…

(Denis Tercier) #6

Again, I wish you a good recovery. The sun is coming back to where I live. So I’m sure that your health will soon be sunny as well :sunny::sunny:

(Denis Tercier) #7

Oh! And you will probably recognize the patch :wink: