McMij: Pendulum Music

For tonight’s experiment, I wanted to record something slow and ambient, yet constantly evolving. My finished products are as follows:
They all follow the same idea which is multiple instances of the same VCO are raised and lowered in volume by an LFO, in this case Caudal. If the VCOs are tuned to a chord, and the whole sound is heavily processed with Reverb, the result is this constantly changing harmonic atmosphere. I made three separate patches:

  1. 4 Meta modules from Starling tuned to 80Hz, 106Hz, 201Hz, 380Hz (some sort of maj/min add9 chord with a flat E root note):

  1. 7 FMOPs from Bogaudio tuned to a #15 chord built off of a slightly flat A root note. Two 8FOs modulate depth and feedback:

  1. 8 VCOs from Bogaudio with 8 Tangents from Vult. Each oscillator is tuned a fifth up from the one on its left resulting in another #15 chord, but with a different voicing. The root oscillator is tuned to a sharp E:

Feel free to play around with the patches - post the results if you want!
Happy Patching and thanks for reading, Jim