Maxwell Modular - Live Stream

Going to build a patch on live stream this afternoon. Today is mostly about making sure everything is working properly.

The stream will be live at 2:00pm CST. I will post a link in this thread in about a hour. I look forward to having any and all of you join me!

Never mind, seems there are some other issues to deal with before launching this.

If it’s on Twitch, comment on the Twitch streamers thread! (im considering putting Youtube on the list as well, or making a separate one as well :wink:

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aww damn :frowning:

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Yeah, the computer I had this setup on was struggle a bit too much. Something to work on this week.

if you need any tips, feel free to contact me or any of the other streamers.

also, i can recommend to simultaneously stream to twitch and youtube (and a load of other platforms if you want).

and please include at least the time in utc, so other people can calculate when it’s on for them. not everyone is familiar with american timezones…

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It is a connection and upload speed issue that I seem to be fighting at home currently. I streamed for the Magpie Fest, without issue, last October. I may need to try a different connection at home or move over to my campus office. All my OBS settings seem correct for 1080p streaming, so I assume it is the connection itself.

Hoping to get it figured out this week for next Sunday.

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if you have upload speed issues, it may be worth considering doing a lower resolution stream. i started doing streams at 720p and that seems to work well.

last year i streamed to youtube at 1 mbit/s, and i think the quality is acceptable. you can check for yourself at

now that i use i find that i can get a stable stream at 3 mbit/s (or it could be that my vpn is that much better now, i haven’t extensively tested it).

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Looks nice, I remember seeing a few of em.

Pulling it down to 720p seems to relieve it a bit. Gonna setup a better physical connection from this computer this evening and test it. I am not sure if restream is for me at the moment, but it looks like a solid service. I will have to remember it for the campus setup.

It just seemed to drop too many frames yesterday, so I didn’t want to bother switching off my ‘streaming soon’ splash. Hopefully tonight works out a bit better; OBS is more stable already.

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I think my short-term answer is to stream from the campus studio. Just ran a test and I am easily hitting 5kb/s on OBS and a 20+ mb/s upload on Google’s speed test.

On a weekly basis, I am considering a Sunday afternoon around 2:00pm to 4:00pm CST. Are there other times anyone thinks would be better for an accessible, chill sort of stream?

impromptu test run for a while.