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My latest effort. Fluffed a couple of places and there’s a recording gremlin about 45 secs from the end, but I’m quite happy with this little bit of minimalist techno. This is the fourth or fifth try at getting it under 7 mins as I kept getting lost in playing with the knobs… (ooer)


Changing this thread to fall in with the category rules. All further additions will be in here :smiley:

Catch up with what I’e got online so far on my YouTube Channel or over on

In the meantime here’s my latest, enjoy :smiley:

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I liked the piece, but the levels are really hot and you are getting a lot of clipping. Target peaks in each channel to no more than 0 db (or even -3 db). Watch the meter in the EQMaster. You can add a lot of energy in the EQ that you can trim off with the gain knob; re-add some back in with the fader in the Mixmaster if desired. Most important, watch the levels in the record module and back that red down with its level knob. Aim for -12 db or so because Youtube is going to compress it otherwise.


The voice-like stuff is very interesting ! Indeed a nice piece, lots of nice stuff in there :smile: but like rick said, watch out for the levels :slight_smile:

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I will be going back over this after watching Omri’s mixing video as I can see where I’ve been going wrong (and what I’ve been getting right tbf) now :smiley: I’m also going to look for a way to trigger or time the peak of the ‘vocal’ more predictdably as I can’t get a handle on the timing at the moment lol.

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Stripped out the vocalisation for further experimentation. Planning to sample and slice it for looping and other shenanigans. Suggestions of fairly deep sampler modules welcome, I’ve been using Nysthi’s ComplexSimpler for the moment but am willing to explore other options.

There is Something in the Dark Here With Me

Inspired by Colin Benders livestream yesterday, I had a go at reproducing the randomness he was generating with a clock multiplier towards the end of the stream.

This is the first result:

More fun with that clock multiplication technique, something a little more musical this time :smiley:

Another experiment that led somewhere unforeseen…

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