Making techno from scratch with VULT PUNCH VCA in VCV Rack


nice demo. The end is far from what was the beginning of the sound. Thanks

I’m not a generative or techno guy, but thank you so much for making me look at Punch. I just replaced normal VCAs in two basses I did with this, and I’m officially Punch drunk, or maybe I’m just Punchy. :wink:

No more punch for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Who would have thought that a VCA can add so much fun? I’m loving this thing!

Does anyone know what exactly is going on here and what the 2 modes represent?

First mode is clean and more or less regular, second mode seems to react kind of logarithmic and lets noise through… in a really nice way that can add a really great noisy background to the patch.

At least a shorter decay time generates more lowpassy sound while in Ota mode