Make One Sequencer feed several voices

This seems pretty obvious but very musically useful.

  1. Start with one sequencer.
  2. Feed CV and Gate from that sequencer into a AS Signal Delay.
  3. Put a dBiz transpose module in front of the AS Signal Delay.
  4. Use 2 VCV Merge modules to merge the original CV and Gate with the delayed version.
  5. Repeat 2-4 to get additional delayed/transposed voices.
  6. Drive one oscillator with the merged CV and and one poly envelope with the merged Gate.

If you use rhythmically useful delays on each then you get the original notes delayed and transposed. This is something always musically useful, because it means there’s a strong correlation between the original and delayed voices, even as they fall differently in time and frequency.

Example patch: 2020-02-03-3.vcv (71.9 KB)


Those are some nice ideas! What I also like to do is feed the same sequence (quantized or not) into an attenuverter to control the range and even flip the sequence on its axis for additional chords and voicings. Sometimes it might be necessary to then mess with the offset to get into the desired range, some very nice results can be had when controlling this range with a midi keyboard or similar controller with sliders/knobs, probably best with a sample and hold module before it to not have to many glitching notes, unless that is what you want :slight_smile:

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You could do a similar (though not identical) thing by using a sequencer polyphoniclly(sp?). Bogaudio ADDR is poly and can create a fair amount of sonic mayhem with a relatively simple patch.

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