MacOS Launch Rack from Terminal

Hi, im trying to launch Rack from a terminal window in macOS Catalina doing:

$ /Applications/ ./mypatch.vcv

Rack opens but dosent load the patch, only a blank rack appears.

Any idea? Thanks in advance…

Are there advantages to opening it with the terminal? FWIW, it runs great on BigSur on my iMac.

yes, i want change the Default User Folder so I need to use the -u argument

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For first app instance

open -a /Applications/ ~/Documents/Rack/patches/patch.vcv

for second instance or more

open -n -a /Applications/ ~/Documents/Rack/patches/patch.vcv

with more arguments, e.g. user dir in current directory

open -a /Applications/ ~/Documents/Rack/patches/patch.vcv --args -u $(pwd)

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As far as I’m aware, forgetting Terminal for a moment, you can’t open Rack by double clicking on a .vcv file (unlike pretty much any other Mac application).

You need to launch Rack first, then do a File > Open.

This might be related to the problem you are experiencing when doing it through Terminal.

Working! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

cd into /Applications/ and run

./Rack path/to/patch.vcv

This will run the patch in headless mode, but it’s my understanding that the modules in the patch need to support headless mode.

headless_test.vcv (2.9 KB) This test patch using modules from Fundamental, Bogaudio and Impromptu.