Mac OS No Audio

I’ve tried this on both a MacBook Air running Big Sur as well as a Mac Mini running Mojave. I’ve got Audio-8 Set to Core Audio and then my Rubix22 (which is working well with other soft synths). This particular patch is by Omri Cohen to recreate the Moog DFAM, but I’ve tried other patches (Patch & Tweak ones) to no avail, as in no audio whatsoever. What am I getting wrong here? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried output channels 3-8 of the Audio-8 module?

I’m not really familiar with the CF mixers, but are you sure you have that mono connected right? Should the out at bottom right not be connected to the audio module?

Try connecting a waveform out from one of the VCOs directly to the audio module - you can then at least confirm your interface is outputting audio correctly.

The cables are fine. It’s mono-to-stereo with s/r and solo. BUT, the ON button is not pressed!

Yep, came in to say this - if the ON button on the MONO module isn’t lit up then it will be muting all output