Mac Os Monterey 12.6 M1max


In ableton, vcv rack pro 2 is not showing up in the vst2/vst3 plugin lists. Just the Au2/Au3 lists. I am not able to route the midi from cv>midi module in the au plugin into the daw to use the midi generated from a sequencer in vcv rack to another midi track in ableton when vcv 2 is run as an au plugin.

I have the cardinal version, that shows in vst/vst3, and that can send midi to other midi tracks/plugins in ableton

I tried running ableton in rosetta. This did show the vcv rack pro 2 plugins in vst/vst3. The computer usage was above 30% for a patch with few (like 4) modules. When i load the same patch in regular m1 mode as an AU, it uses 5-7%, but even though i select vcv rack as the device to send midi to another, its not picking up the midi.

Is running ableton is rosetta mode the only way to get vcv to load as the type of plugin that will send midi to another track/anothe device in ableton?