M2 Max with VCV Rack system noise

Hi, I’m using m2 max with 32GB and the problem that i had is really strange, when i set the threads at 1 it starts having some noise, so i set the threads higher, then it starts having more noise!! Is there anyone know what’s going on? please help, thank you!!

1 the patch that had noises

Did you try to set the buffer size higher in the Audio Module?

VCV runs best single threaded on Mac. Raising the threads does not work. Someone else can explain why this is better then me I’m afraid. But since it is a M2, you should have more then enough cpu power on one thread… Could you show a picture of the whole patch -I am only seeing the cpu stats…


2 Questions :

Why are you running 2.4.0 and not 2.4.1 ?

Why are you running the X64 and not the ARM64 on your M2 ?

It is true that VCV is restricted to 1 thread when using the x64 build (relying on Rosetta). I only had a couple patches that I was not able to run in this fashion.

But when using the native ARM build of VCV that restriction no longer applies. All of my patches run exceptionally well using ARM (assuming all the modules have been ported to ARM - a number of premium plugins have not). The large patches that failed as X64 run fine with ARM and threads = 2.


That is great! I am still running under Rosetta. But reading this, I will try it out soon!

You can have both installed on the same machine. Simply rename the executable after installation of the first, prior to installing the second. I end up renaming both to include the architecture in the name.

They share the same user folder, but each architecture gets its own dedicated plugin folder within the shared folder.

Thanks for the reminder. I did read this in a thread, but forgot you can have both (duh) :upside_down_face: