Lukas kalmar - fra kil heu mul (and more to come)

hey folks,

well, after noodling around for a little more than a year with vcvrack, i now have an lp upcoming in about a month and i just released two tracks today (not from the lp) that heavily feature vcvrack (and mixing/mastering in live). it’s free and creative commons, hope you enjoy.

lukas kalmar - fra kil heu mul

i also want to share the patch i used for the bassline on the first track:

little bass machine

the upcoming lp is a ~35 minute dystopic techno/experimental stuff and i’m still working on artwork, some accompanying texts, but i’ll post it in this thread once it’s released.

thanks for being such a cool community, i’m mostly a lurker, but i really enjoy lurking here.



Very nice ! Looking forward to listening more :blush: