LowFatMilk now officially in the Library

The solution I described creates a favourite list for each module instance within the patch. When closing vcv, the favourites will be stored within the context of each lfm module. When restarting vcv they will be read from the json again.

Maybe additionally I can create a list that is stored on disk that can be read as a standard list that can be imported that gives you quickly a list when you add a module to the patch. Plenty of possibilities, only thing I need is time :grinning:

So if we send you lots of forks, you will be able to release this soon? :wink:


Does this mean projectM expects a folder with preset files, and the list is always an alphabetical list of its filenames? If so, another possibility might be to create aliases/symlinks (details vary with each platform) of the presets in the main folder, and use these named folders as “favorites” and the like. Then we’re just pointing projectM at a different “plugins folder” and its simple rules will Do The Right Thing.

This also means the symlinks/aliases might have munged names to force the desired order, like so:

    0001~Super Preset.milk
    0002~Another preset name.milk
atmospheric presets/
    0001~Lava Lamp x smoke machine.milk
    0002~Puffy clouds.milk

Is this related to the earlier issues? . . .

Both LFM modules appear to work for me, but Genie 2.2.2 causes a crash as soon as I select it from the Library. Even if the patch has no other modules (not even the template), it crashes immediately.

MacBook Pro / Catalina 10.15.7 / VCV Rack 2.2.0

[edit] GenieExpander 2.2.2 is fine.

I can’t see why this is related, but thanks for reminding and raising this. I will have a look and fix this.

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The problem isn’t that big it needs symbolic links. I already have a solution running on my local branch. No worries.

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