Lower volume with inverse of the modulation?

So I have a rampage modulating the wavefolding on an Instruo tona, and as the wavefolding opens up, the signal gets much louder. I’m trying to figure out how to take the inverse of the voltage and turn down the vca it goes through, but just going from an INV from count module means 0v volts closes the vca when the signal isn’t present. How do I keep 10v to the vca, and then lower that voltage to turn down it down with the modulation? Also, if there is an easier or different way to set this up, I’m all ears. I’m sure this is easy and I’m just not seeing it, so thanks for the help.

NYSTHI ConstAddMult could be of use here.

Not sure i understand correctly.
signal = unipolar knobs
mix adds -10% (can be changed on 8vert knob 2) of the signal to 10V → vca
neg-track.vcvs (4.5 KB)

so to clarify what I have so far… on the bass as those mod filters open up, I want the volume to go down

and on the tona a similar setup (which maybe there’s a better setup)

Perhaps easier to see what the result is with a unipolar triangle LFO input:

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BOGaudio Offset or any other attenuverter set to +10V offset and - X% scaling.


perfect, thank you!