Lost in n-space - concept patch no#2

Hi Rackerz.
Today (for me tonight - :D) I present to you my new movie/patch. I decided to take a little breath, slow down the speed of releasing new songs. I’m sorry Pyer;).
Probably since the time I left the hospital I got windy and during that time I had a lot of fun in creating different things. Not always awesome or stunning. That’s why I’m forcing myself to slow down the pace and think deeply about what I’m doing. However, my brain does not create it, it still combines something and at the same time invents new things and somehow it can not stop. There are still ideas coming in, but almost every day. Well, I admit every day I visit the site of the VCV group on FB and every day something new is to watch the hearing on YT and elsewhere. This is my basic source of inspiration. Today’s song is the result of such a compilation that I saw on the Internet processed by my personal processor. You can watch the result and listen. Unfortunately, during the recording there are some cracks and sound artifacts. I’m sorry. next time I will think about the optimization and utilization of unnecessary modules.

Lost in n-space concept patch no#2.vcv (74.6 KB)


Really nice! :+1:

that’s lovely - nice work and thanks for sharing the patch