Looking to buy my first modules

Its my birthday coming up and I’m going to ask for a set of modules and would love to get your thoughts on what I should get first. I love experimenting with wild sounds (ala. morphogene etc…). I see that the Vult modules seem used a lot. (and I love the names of the modules :slight_smile: ) Which other sets should I consider do get me going with tons of capability and variance and unusuality?

Many thanks!


Vult definitely. Other paid modules (I have most) that I wouldn’t be without are VCV Parametra, VCV Host & ML Quantum Multiverse. Entrian Drummer & Acoustic Drums are also very good.

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Always good to buy some VCV ones and support the platform and everybody should have Vult modules :slight_smile:

Your interests in wild sounds might lead you outside the Plugin Manger to here:


Thank you! Def. going to check out the KlirrFactory stuff.

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Thank you! Super helpful…

If you want to support VCV directly, go for the Host module, being able to use your favorite vst in rack is pretty fun !

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Vult no doubt

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