Looking for Testers for Sequencers

The observant eye may notice some unrelased modules in my recent youtube videos. I am looking for more people to help test them. They are note sequencers, with built in quantizers. I have first drafts of the manuals written if you’d like to know more. If they look like your kind of thing, reply here and I’ll DM you with the link.


+1 These look great Andrew!

cool, Where do I sign?

Count me in!

of course i’m in :slight_smile:

ok count me in :smiley:

I’m keen!

You can count on me, as always

I would like to join in

I’m interested to test these!

Interesting! I like playing with sequencers

These look great. Would gladly test.



I ve tested Bridge this morning, very intuitive, best design and coloring notes like this is a good approach No bugs found at this point

Two things that i think could add more randomness :

When there’s no effect to a note (or for all cases, maybe ?), a global button (or one to each playhead in the expander) to set the probability to shift the note like a shift register

The second one should be a global button to set the probability to trigger the note when no effect is set

Do you think that’s a good idea ?


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