Looking for something like the ARP 2600's Tracking Generator


I am looking for something along the lines of the ‘tracking generator’ that can be found within the ARP2600


Essentially this has 4 audio/modulation inputs, 4 outputs, a frequency control for each and a smoothness control.

You are able to ‘draw’ in pitch tracks that your desired inputs follow.

Not sure if I’ve explained this well enough here is the info from the manual:

This very original module was added to modify the course of a modulation thanks to four curves which can be edited in real-time by the user. It can also be used as source of modulation to create envelope forms or complex LFO waves.

I am looking at moving over to VCV for a module from the ARP2600 and this seems to be the missing link.

Any advice would be appreciated.


mscHack Envy 9:

Thanks for this.

I have added to my account however VCV Rack 1.0 doesn’t seem to be allowing me to update?

Do we know if this pack has been tested / verified for 1.0

Thanks again.

Well, ENVY 9 can be really what you’re looking for, but it’s still not in the manager. You can get it here though, until all of the mscHack collection will hit the manager - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wvTlYdYvYW3B1na3tXFKX2AfMEMkubod
Have fun!


you can use a nysthi Vector mixer as Voltage interpolator


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Thanks for this.

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Short answer: Only 1.x plugins can be loaded by Rack 1.x.

Longer answer: At time of writing, the mscHack plugins won’t show in the Rack v1 plugin manager as they are made to work for Rack v0.6. You can find out which plugins will work with Rack v1 by going to the Plugin Library on the VCV Rack website and checking the version number. Please see the attached screen shot for an example.

You may also wish to read Rack 1.0: Resources & Common Issues (please read before posting about a problem).

And welcome! :slight_smile: