Looking for someone to help me do a really complex patch for a fee

Hey there, I am looking for someone to create me, for a fee, a complex patch taking in considerations my needs and concept.

I am more into making techno music than nerding around with VCV rack and I prefer using my time finishing tracks rather than experimenting with things I need to learn in a long procces, I just want to sample states of the patch using minimal global control without going deep every time I use it. (somehow a generative patch but with better control of the things happening in there).

Please dm me if you are interested for this collaboration. Thanks

I rarely finish my own projects, so probably wouldn’t take on paid work! I’m quite interested in exactly what it is that you want though. Something that generates melodies/beats, or a particular sound? How are you planning to use it? Do you want a patch for the standalone version, or have you bought the VST and just want to generate MIDI for use with your own sounds/synths? Which DAW? Are you using software synths or hardware? Are you wanting to use VCV to control hardware modular? I would have a million questions for this concept.
Unfortunately, ‘nerding around’ is most of what using modular is about, so I’m not sure how you can just get someone else to do that part for you. :wink:

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hey thx for getting back to me, lets talk in private pls, i will share you all the details about the project


Would be fun to hear the end result from you both if there ever happen to come out something :relaxed:

If you can describe your concept and it’s interesting enough I’ll make a patch that fits it as best I can.