Looking for screenshots of all modules

I’d like to make a catalog of modules (for my phone/tablet when I’m out). The screenshots folder in v1 is a great resource but many plugins aren’t there; 73 folders in “plugins-V1” but only 36 folders in “screenshots” (slightly curious why).

Doing my own screenshots and naming, sorting etc will take many hours. Is there a way to generate screenshots of the ‘missing’ modules? Or are they already hiding elsewhere? I had a look around the folder structure, including hidden files. Coudn’t find any.

OS X 10.11.6

I would suggest looking in the log file after running rack -p <zoomfactor>

Hi dtr2300,
Sorry going to need more help. I’m not a dev. Some experience with command line, and know my way around os x pretty well but no coding experience. If you could give me a little more info I’ll see if I can work it out or if it’s not worth pursuing.

sent you a PM

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dtr2300 has kindly helped some of the way but they’re using Windows. Need some help from an OS X user.

I am not sure how to run the command using the “-p” flag. I’m not a dev and have limited experience with Terminal.

My understanding is the following command “./Rack -p 1” run in the directory of the executable should work but it doesn’t. It launches Rack but doesn’t seem to do anything else that I can see. I’m fumbling around in the dark :dizzy_face:

I don’t understand why at some point Rack generated screenshots for half the modules. I tried re-triggering this process by removing the screenshots folder, deleting settings-v1 and log.txt and reinstalling Rack. No success.


@vortico disabled -p on macos because it conflicted with the signing test somehow. I didn’t follow the details but did see -p was not shipped with the binaries for Mac.


That’s correct. Hopefully it will be re-enabled later or moved to a different flag. In the meantime, and enterprising developer could share a dev Rack build with the flag enabled or moved.