Looking for mscHack OSC 3 Channel alternative

I’m looking for an mscHack OSC 3 Channel alternative for VCV Rack 2.

At the start of developing a tune I usually need some small and silly module with a kick/snare/hat combo (deep/mid/high) for quick prototyping. Both Drum Machine and SamplerX8 works fine as well as all the selections I saved. But for a quick and dirty sound, for drafting ideas anything would do with minimum options.

What’s your favorite solution?

On thing you can do is search the library for “synth voice”. There are a lot quick ways to get a sound there. Strangely, only 29 modules use this tag - I’m sure there a lot more:

I’m afraid your suggestion is irrelevant. I’m specifically after some small footprint module with 3 voices that I can use as a quick kick+snare+hat. There are a lot of ‘synth voice’ for sure but only a few of them meet this criteria.

I’m mainly interested what others use for rhythm prototyping. What’s your favorite?

Cheers, Andras

P.S.: If I need a solid 3-sound-synth then I drop this old an rusty EV3 module. It doesn’t look like much but I love it anyway. Do you? :crazy_face:

Not particularly small, but this lives in my template for general rhythm needs.

I did this monophonic set with Palette. The main idea is to combine all gates with OR logic to trigger Palette and then sum two gates (in my case snare and hihat) and send them to the algorithm switch CV. drums

I later did an improved version with JW Modules' Trigs with a gate to trigger converter and more Mixah3 to control parameters separately for snares and hihats (but takes more space). Here it is: