Looking for more testers for SFZ Player

I’m updating SFZ player to work with more SFZ files. If you would like to test there are (as usual) several ways you can do this.

  1. agree to use my Slack workspace to communicate and to get new builds. This is where the most up to date stuff is, but many people do not want to sign up for “yet another free account”. If you are already a member and are interested please drop by the #sampler channel. If you would like an invitation, PM me your email address that you will use with Slack.

  2. Build yourself. New code is on the par2 branch in github.

  3. I will try to post some test builds in the releases section of my github.


I’ll be glad to pitch in. I have several SFZ files that fail in the player but work in sforzando that I’d like to use. I haven’t used Slack, but I’ll give it a try if that’s the easiest way to get the new versions. Alternatively, I can build it myself if you tell me the GIT command I need to pull the par2 branch.

Whichever you prefer. If you would like access to slack PM your email. Slack will send you an invite to that email and use that email as your account name in slack. It’s free of course.

You may find that the difficult sfz now play, but they may not. They will probably be different though. Sfz with overlapping and cross faded regions are something that still aren’t compatible.