looking for: exact gate delay

Hi all,

is there a module that can delay a gate/trigger that is passing through it, with exact the same amount as that trigger/gate.

Right now i am using cv delay from Bogaudio, but it is too short. I need the delayed amount to be specific to clock or division.

Did you try the AS “Signal Delay”? It can delay a signal up to 10000 ms

and the AS “BPM Delay/Hz Calc” might help to find the right ms setting.


Hey, that is an interesting combination indeed!

Will experiment with that, if only someone could combine that into 3hp… :sunglasses:

I remember asking Matt for that a while ago. i might need to bump that request again on github.


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Thanks again, this works well! Even up to 1 BAR exact clocked signal delay.

I have bumped the request again to Matt, hopefully he can create a small version of this!

great, I’m glad I could help you

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nysthi::elsker and you can have exact to msecs gate with delay too

the time could be also a fraction of an incoming clock


Thanks Antonio!