Looking for cross modulating dual lfo

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Hey, one of the first modules I ever wanted was a Livewire Vulcan Modulator http://www.analoguehaven.com/livewire/vulcanmodulator/

Simply put, this is a dual LFO where each oscillator has FM on its output. (There are additional outputs for sum/difference/min/max.) It’s not hard to patch two LFO’s together, although many LFO’s out there don’t have FM CV attenuators.

I’m just wondering if there is anything like this pre-built out there?

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also: first post! hi!

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(jue) #3

take two or more Bogaudio LLFOs and cross modulate them

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take 2 or more nysthi lfomultiphase and cross modulate :slight_smile:

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LLFO doesn’t have FM attenuation. you can use the scale controls for a similar effect, but that would mean altering the downstream modulation, which is not ideal. What I’m trying to avoid is external attenuverters.

the wave morphing does resemble the Vulcan’s “symmetry” control. I’ll look into it.

A dedicated dual module might, in principle, have CV ins for A->B and B->A mod amount, essentially an internal VCA on the strength of the FM.

I mean, it’s a modular world. I can build these things myself using modules, but, like I said, the Vulcan was like the very first thing that got me dreaming of modular.

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Whats the problem?
A tiny case or not enough cables? :rofl:

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