Looking for Charity Recommendations related to Music

I’m looking for any recomendations for music related charities. Got any?

I have no direct experience but if it was me, I would look at children’s charities for music. Start them young, spark an interest and you grow the next Mozart / Hendrix / Vangelis. Someone once said that music is a language, and one which we should all be fluent in.

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There’s this in the uk:

This helped a pro muso friend of mine once he could no longer perform due to ill health.


One of the high profile UK based ones

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The Strings Across the Sky (SATS) program opens the door to a rich musical experience by introducing indigenous children and youth to violin, guitar and musical performance. It combines the best of music, tradition and community spirit. With a focus on First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities across Canada, SATS helps rekindle and sustain the cultural tradition of fiddle music once thriving in remote indigenous communities. Since 1988, hundreds of children have benefited from the music education provided by SATS, promoting self-esteem and accomplishment, co-operation, empathy and improved academics. SATS not only connects indigenous children to their past, but opens doors to new ways of learning and a journey into bright and positive futures.

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Music Tribe (Behringer) put up a list not so long ago.