Looking for a switch module

hello, Is there a switch module that can have 1 output and x number of input with a nob to that determine wtch input goes in the output?

if there’s not, i will bouild my own but why re invent the wheel? thank’s

Several, including ML Sequential Switch 8 to 1, VCV SS-1. Just search for switch in the module browser.


tank’s a lot


can be 12 to 1 or 1 to 12 or bridge on stage or gate on stage or pulse on stage or quantizer or ot or… :wink:


Add a switch tag? Only jooper appears under switches.

I didn’t know there was a SWITCH tag… Im still using 2017 tags… :rofl:


thanks all i’m new to vcv rack and modular synthesis for now i don’t realy understand ml switch and i’m not sure that is the module that i need i just want a nob that allow you to select between coople of imput to 1 output don’t need sequential stuff

Try Bog Audio 8:1 , I think it does everything u ask. Also, if a module doesn’t have a knob but has a cv input, you can always just wire up an 8Vert, Dual Attenuverter, or a Vult Knobs and have a knob you can turn manually.

Just click on the light next to the input jack that you want to go to the output

my module ATOMS does this too, but instead of being tied to steps, switching happens based on how you arrange the inputs and outputs on two rings that can be rotated with cv, then if an output is close enough to an input it will connect to it.

thanks exactly what i need with few more stuff