Looking for a "normalizer" / Switch

Hey there, is there a module which acts as a normalized circuit? Input A routed to Output X, but when you patch a cable to Input B only Input B is routed to Output X, without the need to flick a switch / select a routing via a button?

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I am not sure if it exists but I created one quickly. I will add it to the RPJ plugin release 1.0.5.

Version 1.0.4. is currently being released so it will not be quickly available. If you are on Windows I can make it available for download and you can install it manually.

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Your Input A to INA1, Your Output X is OutB. Then put your Input B into INB1.

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It isn’t obvious (unless you read the manual), but VCV “Mutes” does it.

For any input that has, say, SignalA patched into it, the SignalA is normaled to that one’s adjacent OUT and to all the OUTs below it. If you then patch “SignalB” to an IN below it (could be several jacks below), that one’s OUT and all below it will have SignalB normaled to them, but won’t affect the OUTs between the A and B signals.

Switching off any MUTE button (turn it from green to grey) only mutes the adjacent OUT jack. It does not interrupt the lower OUTs normaled to it.


Thanks for your suggestions. I will have a look at them!

For a slight polyphonic variation, the Stoermelder INFIX (16 channel), and uINFIX (8 channel) each have a polyphonic input and output. By default the channels are passed through unchanged. But each channel has an input allowing you to substitute an alternate signal.

Also, the Manikk Dual Active Multiple is normaled. That might make more sense than the Dual 3 channel mixer.

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