Looking for a counting module to modify the length of sequences

Hi there!

I’m looking for a module that spits out a pulse every X input (clock) pulses, where X is controllable with a knob, so I can MIDI-map it.
I want to use “I Love Cookies” as a sequencer, but I want the sequences to have a variable length. controllable with MIDI. So I would like to send a reset pulse every X steps. (And maybe do the same with other sequencers without variable sequence length).
I can’t seem to find a proper counting module for my purpose, so I’m asking here just to make sure I’m not missing something.
There was this counter by arjo modules, but it has not yet been ported to 1.0 (the one in the middle)
The counter from ML won’t work because it needs an extra trigger, and the NYSTHI Janneker can’t be MIDI controlled… am I missing a nice little count module somewhere?

PS: maybe someone wants to port the arjo modules? :slight_smile: Their concept of modular sequencers is really nice. If I remember correctly they could use a small fix on how the reset reacts, though…

have you tried AS Steps for it?


ah… yes, that’s perfect. So i was missing something, thank you!