Looking for a constant value module

Hello everyone,

Looking for a module - I don’t know if it exists yet or not. What I need is to have a section where I can type in a value between -10 and +10 with resolution to 5 places to the right of the decimal point (seems to be what most of the modules show?). Then if that cell receives a trigger or gate it will output that number. When the trigger/gate is gone the output falls to zero. Ideally 8 of these cells with individual trigger/gate inputs and outputs with a sum output as well. If not I can use a unity mixer to combine them.

Does this exist in VCV Rack world yet?


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You could do this with I Love Cookies from Computerscare Modules - it’s a 6-channel sequencer that uses text input. To enter an exact voltage, you need to surround the value in angle braces. So, if you wanted to alternate between 5.2177 volts and 0, you would type in:


Each time you provide a clock signal to that channel, the output will switch between those two values.

Disclosure: I am the developer of this module :slight_smile:


Also Nysthi Fixed voltage source and alikins Specific Value can do this.
It’s a matter of taste.
Edit: sorry this was meant to be a general reply.

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Great module! Never tried this one before, but will definitely have uses for it…

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Wow -thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely check them out tonight after work!

Thank you !