Looking for a basic increment/decrement module

Basically a module with two buttons/trigger inputs: one of them increments the counter inside, the other one decrements. And the output of counter current value (may be scaled, but doesn’t matter). Anyone knows anything like this? The best idea so far is to use ML sequential switch with constant inputs but i really want much more than 8 values (and less tedious setup).

For what purpose?

Doesn’t Nysthi @synthi have a module that counts ? not sure about the decrement tho

Bignumber, 0-9

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Both Janneker and big number allow incrementing and decrementing however neither allow any way of recovering the relative count. Also none of the other counters allow this. Basically if you want to use variables then you need to either use Prototype or come up with some weird approach. As an example some of my piong videos needed to be able to have score counters that allowed you to recover the scores and compare them.

This one:

Uses Multivultimetro to store the value and a complicated arrangement of VCAs and adders to change the value.

this one:

Just uses Prototype. (you need to scrub to the end to see the full patch).


I decided to mess around with gamepad in VCV and started building sort of gamepad-only controlled synth. So the basic idea was to increase/decrease voltages in small steps using gamepad arrows.

Now that I’m thinking of it, it seems that another module would satisfy my purpose more… the one with continous increment. With two input ports - inc and dec and when either one is up the output voltage slowly (control for rate?) moves in the corresponding direction. Guess I’ll just have to write it myself :slight_smile:

Btw, the technical name for this module is an “integrator”.


You can make an integrator using an AO-106 with the output feeding back round into an addition operator. A DO-105 could be used to produce a single sample pulse that could turn the integrator into an incrementor/decrementor.


@Vortico yeah obviously integral is the exact thing i need. and what was the point of 8 years of studying maths if i forget to use this part of brain while patching in Rack… :frowning: @carbon14 is there any problem which cannot be solved with your modules? :slight_smile:

i want to share my two resulting patches. (errm can we enable .vcvss files on this forum? guess i’ll just attach the patchIntegrator IncDec.vcv (18.1 KB) ). funny thing I’ve noticed about inc/dec solution is that when I use very fast triggers/pulses as @carbon14 suggested, the resulting voltage is fluctuating instead of being stable. wonder what the exact reason is… anyway I solved it with slew limiter and quantizing with Fundamental OCT. thanks to everyone in this thread!