LomasModules: Help with testing needed

Hello guys,

I am developing a couple of modules for VCV. A sampler and a sequencer.

Looking for people who want to test the modules on Windows. Also looking for help on how to compile them for Mac and Linux so I can send it to the plugin manager.

To download https://github.com/LomasModules/LomasModules/releases/download/Beta4/LomasModules-1.0.0.beta4-win.zip


You don’t need to compile them for Mac and Linux to send them to the plugin manager. For projects which are not closed source, the plugins are compiled for you by the vcvrack team when you submit a version .


I would like to know if the plugin compiles on other platforms before sending it to the VCV team.

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You can use Microsoft’s Azure Pipelines to build your plugin on all three platforms for free, with an hour or two’s setup, thanks to @baconpaul’s excellent instructions - see Azure Pipelines for Github allows build of plugin.


seems to work fine here

how does this sampler differ from Bidoo sampler?
are the samples streamed/read from disk, or to memory?

The sequencer doesn’t reset the sequence steps when i click on initialize, is that suppose to be like that?

Hi @lomasmodules. Welcome. Great that you’re making modules! :slight_smile:

I take it you’ve read or are reading the plugin development tutorial pages of the VCV Rack documentation? Thanks to the make file, the build process across Linux, Mac and Windows is the pretty much the same, it’s just making sure you’ve set up the build environments correctly. Again, there’s instructions on the tutorial pages on how to do that.

Edit: Please read @Richie’s post above. It’s much easier that way. I’m doing it wrong. :slight_smile:

I use a Mac so I build natively for macOS on that (obviously!), and for the other operating systems I use VirtualBox based virtual machines.

Microsoft provide some free virtual machines, so you can get a legal copy of Windows 10 which is licensed for 90 days free use. (And you can always snapshot the virtual machine to “roll back” the machine when day 90 comes around.)

For Linux, I like Pop!_OS by System76. Personal choice. :slight_smile: You can make a virtual machine in VirtualBox from the ISO disk image System76 provide. There are lighter Linux distributions in case that’s too heavy. See Distrowatch for lists and reviews of Linux operating systems. Puppy Linux is nice. :slight_smile:

On a Windows machine you can easily create and use a Linux virtual machine using VirtualBox and similar software, but I’m not sure how to make a macOS based virtual machine. Maybe cleverer people can answer? :slight_smile:

By the way. I cloned your repo and it built fine on my Mac using the Rack SDK v1.1.1. The module loads in Rack v1.1.1 but I’ve not had a chance to playtest yet.


The samples are streamed from disk. Fast modulation of the sample works fine on my sdd with short samples.

It has a sample rate converter, samples sound the same regardless of VCV samplerate, and a integrated AD envelope.

I wanted something to play drum samples.

At the moment it can’t save the recorded samples. I am fighting with dr_wav.

I would look the Azure thing. Thanks!


if you get stuck on the azure just drop a note over on the other thread. I’ll probably be online later today to look.

Also, if as you go, you want to improve the documentation of how to do it, I can edit that into the top of the thread!

Loaded on Mac here. Sequencer works as expected, can’t seem to get Sampler to play anything, tried with a bunch of differentiation wav files.

Itried these modules here on Win10
they seem to work fine,
but does the sequencer have a way to set the sequence length?
and imho it needs some more cv inputs for start-step, sequence-length,pattern select etc.
by the way can you chain the patterns? I didn’t find a way yet.

You can set the sequence length by holding a step.
The sequencer has 64 steps, pushing the page button changes the part of the sequence that is shown on the grid.
Holding other buttons do different things, clear or copy patterns, I have to write some documentation.
Before it was possible to chain patterns but I scraped that idea because i did not like the UI and workflow. What it does is quantizing the pattern change.

Is true that it needs more inputs. There is some space left on the panel for that.


yes, fast modulation works fine on my ssd as well!
thanks a lot for this fine addition to the rack!

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yep, a manual is really needed :wink:

Thanks for the comments.

I am new with c++ and git. I feel like adding the Azure stuff, that I have never used, would be too much.

It buils on Mac, and now load files too. Not sure about Linux. I think it is ready. I will open a issue on the plugin manager.

As far as I know most of the bugs are ready so I am going to send

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the sampler looks fine,
but the sequencer still needs some additions and a manual, imho

I know the sequencer need a manual but I am not finished with it yet. What additions? Any inputs you would add? I only can think of a pattern cv input.

I think it can use a pattern length cv input too and a step randomize input,
and a probability input for the steps would be cool, that all would make it more lively imho