Logorrhoia's verbose experiments

VCV-rack really helps me calm down after days and weeks of heady workload. I’m no musician nor have I ever learned to play an instrument propperly, yet I love experimenting with tunes, themes, beats and blips. I will post results, patches and stuff to this thread and am happy to receive feedback and advice.

Here is what I came up with today, inspired by Lazy Jones/Zombie Nation’s main theme:

Here you can explore the patch:


I’ve been exploring Sequencer Variation and produced something ambientish. Windz is a really nice effect module and I love the new Nano plugins.

The patch can be explored here - if you do not have Vult Mysteries just replace Lapsus and repatch the Drums:

Here’s the video:

Here we go - 90 modules of functional NYSTHI Slim 1HP Modules, 18 NYSTHIOMETERs and 2 Scopes for visuals - just because!

@Omri_Cohen’s Beginner’s Patch No V inspired me to patch up some Oscillator Industrial stuff:

It was a fun experience to shape drums and try to Synch everything more or less. Definitely doesn’t allow me to procrastinate while running this patch.

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Very nice man, well done!

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Finally found some time - here’s the apocalypse:

Patch in two versions (Knock and Trummor2):