? ? ? Logic Pro compatibility w/ VCV Rack VST ? ? ?

Hello everyone,

I want to buy the Pro version of VCV as a long-timer user. My main DAW is Logic though and while I am aware that the AU version has been released, I have not been able to find clear documentation or videos that show how well VCV integrates with Logic.

I am curious if:

  1. The vst version is able to be run as a midi effect, an instrument and an audio effect in Logic Pro 10.8.1 (native or rosetta?)

  2. VCV running as a VST in Logic can be synced to the DAW tempo reasonably well

  3. Anyone has any general experiences with this combination.

For me VCV DAW integration would be a game-changer but I would love to know how well it works before investing!

<3 Always B Patchin’ Folks! <3

Currently I have a ton of issues when using the AU in LPX. I’m on latest macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 and latest LPX 10.8.1. The real ballbreakers with VCV as a plugin in LPX are:

  1. Very high CPU hit. I have an M1 Max MBP with 64GB of memory and one instance of VCV in LPX hits the CPU around 35%. Ouch.

  2. The GUI is messed up. Initially when you open a fresh instance of VCV AU, the plugin window “miniaturizes” VCV’s workspace and you have to try and mouse click out in the “open space” of LPX’s plugin window to try and access VCV’s toolbar and lower corner resize button to properly resize VCV to fill out LPX’s plugin window like it should. Once you manage to get that particular instance of VCV AU properly resized within LPX’s plugin window then you’re good to go. But what a PITA.

  3. If I assign more than one parameter (via the MIDI Map module) to my MIDI controller (faders and knobs on an Arturia KeyLab), it completely locks up LPX and I have to Force Quite LPX. This especially sucks.

I’ve reached out to Customer Support regarding all of these and I do usually hear back, albeit it usually takes a week or two and the responses are always (paraphrased here): “Sorry for the delay. We’re swamped. We hope to fix these issues soon.” So they definitely are aware of these issues but I’ve been hounding them about it since v2.4.1 and the latest v2.5.1 hasn’t fixed any of these issues.

The Standalone is great though. It just sucks that the AU in LPX is so buggy and unusable.

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