Loading wavetable for ball of confusion

Hey guys, I have just started learning vcv and modular for 3 months n I was really lovin it! I saw a tutorial by Omri Cohen about the ball of confusion and I found it really interesting However, I dont even know how to add a wavetable to it What file should a wavetable be , and how to make one? I have sucessfully add wavetable to Terrorform with a wav file, but it dosent work for ball of confusion for some reason

this is a wavetable (basicalli a wav file)

you can use wavedit to create your own

I m not sure if vital allow export the wavetables

Ball of Confusion is uses wave tables based on Serum’s spec (which has kind of become a standard). Basically each wave table is assumed to be 2048 samples long, and one wavefile can have multiple tables.

If you google search “Free Serum Wavetables” you will find loooootttttss of them :slight_smile: Hope that helps


On a related subject, whenever I try to “load directory” the “open” window keeps wanting me to open until I can only select one file not the directory - I am on a windows system. Please can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.

that is the way the file choose works, but pick any file in that directory and the whole directory will get loaded :wink:

Would it be more correct to say that one .wav file is a (single) table which is made up of multiple wave samples?

(Not trying be nit-picky here, just trying to make sure I have understood it right myself :slight_smile: )

hi, no it would not :slight_smile: A wavetable is the single instance that the oscillator uses.

Doh! I thought I had it figured out… obviously not!

Would it not make more sense if each instance was a wave, and the collection of waves was called a table (which enabled individual waves to be morphed between etc)?

hi, I think you are overthinking it. As mentioned, the wavetable is what the oscillator uses to make a noise. BoC has the ability to morph between 4 different wavetables to create the resultant wavetable that you actually here. As mentioned, a wav file can contain multiple wavetables

Thank you Eric. It now makes sense

Must be my enormous brain :wink:

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that, is interesting to know , I have a a tracker which use 2048 samples by default and allow reduce sample to whatever arbitrary number , I never used a Serum wavetable, now I m warned

(also I will download some using that keywords on google)