Live 11 sync issue

I am using the new VCV rack pro VST and trying to sync the clock with Live 11. I have a MIDI>CV module set to DAW control running the clock divider out to a SEQ 3 module clock in. As the sequence plays it slowly goes out of sync with the DAW clock and I’m not sure why. Any idea what am I doing incorrectly?

Yes, I noticed that too. I believe that this is a bug. (VCV Rack2 VST, macos big sur, M1, Live 11)

Funtional workaround: patch the start and stop outs of the midi->cv module to a mixer to merge the signals, and patch that to the start input of a Clocked, then manually set the BPM of clocked to match your DAW. This will make Clocked start and stop in tandem with your DAW, but use its internal clock, which is rock solid. This should solve your problem.


That workaround does indeed work. Thank you! I wonder if that sync issue is an Ableton problem or a VCV problem.

Same issue here. I use a pattern of 16th notes on a midi track and take the gate out in the VCV plugin to drive clocks, no drift. Could also do the same with an audio track of a 16th note pulse train I suppose.

BTW the MIDI>CV sync outputs work flawlessly in Bitwig…

So far I’m having good luck with the E-RM Multiclock plugin on a separate track in Live sending audio pulses to Clocked in P24 mode. Recording MIDI output from Rack to a MIDI track in Live with sub-millisecond accuracy. Pretty solid!


Here is another alternative method, if you have Ableton CV Tools (10.1 and up).

You could try this method and see if it works for you: