Lindenberg Stereo is an underappreciated module

This little module converts a stereo pair of cables to a single polyphonic, and vice-versa. So any module that is polyphonic can be used as a stereo module. I’m showing it here with the familiar Fundamental VCF, but it works with any poly modules (like my own F2 Filter). It’s from @heapdump, and the proper name is “Lindenberg Research Stereo via Polyphonic tool”


I suspect there are a lot of small highly useful utilities that are relatively unknown. I think the genius here is that you are likely to need one part given the other, so it makes sense to stick them on the same “box.”

I use this one a lot with the classic fundamental vca. I’m surprised it doesn’t show up in more youtubes and posted patches.

A really similar, but not identical idea is Grande Mergesplit 4:

You could use it to do the same stuff as the Lindenberg but I often include it in a patch if I need a merge or a split in the knowledge that I will need the other part of it soon.

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That’s like a 4 channel version (as opposed to 2)? That’s pretty cool.

Yes, I find that that I often want to use a 3 or 4 part polyphonic cable for chords and it’s just easier to arrange.