Limits of self-patching modules?


I’m daydreaming of making something similar to an analog computer in VCV Rack:


This would require a lot of self-patching. Would this work in VCV Rack?


I think you could get fairly close with a few Submarine OA-105 and some Vult Knobs. I looked through this but I’m not smart enough yet to make much sense of the circuitry. Looks like a fun head-scratcher of a project.

I have to admit that I’m not actually planning on creating an analog computer! But I’m using it as an example to discuss the technical possibilities of self-patching modules. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

hello there !

you should have a look here :

the guy did exactly what you want !!

completely crazy !!

I believe her name is Kate :wink:


Woah, cool!

On a quick look I think what she did was create a digital computer in VCV Rack. Super-impressive but there’s plenty of room left for @clone45’s experiment :slight_smile:

ah ok, i wasn’t sure, so … sorry for her !

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That’s amazing!

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So what would this self patching modules do and how would it help in VCV Rack to create more craziness, Bret?

@ady34 Ha ha ha. A while back, I was brainstorming about creating another bytebeat module. Except, instead of preset bytebeats, you could patch your own:

One major issue was that floating point numbers, which are used for inputs and outputs, don’t have the required capacity (32 bits) to support the incrementing index (t).

The other, more recent issue that I came up with, is that it would be very experimental. You couldn’t easily take an existing bytebeat equation and port it over to this type of interface.

However, I recently realized that if all of the internal cables were polyphonic, I could split the bits of the incrementing index (t) across channels and make it work.

Everyone always suggests to allow people to enter the equation in a text input, but I’ve tried that, and unfortunately, parsing and running the equation is too slow. (Bummer.)

Polyphonic cables have 512 bits. If you are using them for internal patching, you can do what you want with them.

Sorry, you already said that didn’t you.