Limited amount of recorded tracks with VCV Recorder

Ok, this is about multitrack recorded 24 tracks wav 24 bit VCV Recorder on windows. There is no issue with 1 thread selected in amount of threads, all tracks had been recorded. BUT there is an issue with 2 threads (it recorded only 20-22, it’s different time to time) and with 3 threads only ~12 tracks. So an issue definitely in the thread number. Why I avoid using Nysthi 3x polyrecorder - there is a bug in bitcrushed tracks when more than 1 module is recording simultaneously. And also Nysthi is quite CPU HOG. It’s about 10% of cpu per instance, while VCV Recorder 8 instances just about 2-3 percent. Could anyone else confirmed that kind of issue? Thanks!

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check version 1.0.7

– POLYRECORDER ---- debugging the 24 bits saving ---- new graphic ---- removed the TRIG outs ---- the START act as STOP too

– POLYRECORDER64 ---- 64 tracks recorder ---- new module to waste your hard disk space faster


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